01/15/2019 - THE KING HAS RETURNED!!!

AWA Wins

After a hard fought battle. a king has risen to the top. A former King of Spayn has emgered from the group. We welcome our King of Spayn Mr. Pilkington!! Check out the lastest entires under the contest link. Long love the king!!!

12/31/2018 - THEY SHALL BE CHOSEN!!

AWA Wins

It has been a year and the kingdom of Spayn has gone withour a ruler. The selection of the next ruler will come down to a video contest. Come and join in for the 2010 King of Spayn contest. Follow the link to join in on the fun.

2/14/2017 - VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

AWA Wins

It's Valentines day!! Love is in the air!! To help celebrate love for all this year Chaosprojects has created a few videos to help share the love with you all. So sit back relax and enjoy: Best girl, Love is a pain, and Everlasting Love.

1/10/2017 - A LORD BECOMES A KING!!!

AWA Wins

Another King of Spayn has come in 2017. Though the compatition was slim this year three entries found their way to be judged. One was victorious as we welcoming our former lord and now King of Spayn for 2017 - Lord Rae!! Defeating two prior kings to take victory for himself. Welcome to the realm of royalty!! If you want to see the entries for this year feel free to check them out here: KOS 2017

9/30/2016 - CBR AWA POST TIME

AWA Wins

AWA 2016 has come and gone at this point. So a great time was had by all. Meeting up with old faces and new faces. AWA is CBR's home convention and we always have a great time there. This year Chaosprojects brings in two AWA Exposition wins for Best Character Profile with: Anarchy Angels Do it well!! and The Vladimir Nabokov Award of Standing So Close (to me) for: What Rin Wants.... So big congrats on the wins!!


KOS 2016

With a new year comes a new King of Spayn competition. This year 8 parties battle it out for control of the CBR kingdom. After a fierce week long battle one has emerged victorious. Please give hail to you new King of Spayn for 2016: Mr. Pilkington!! He has beaten out his competition to become King once again. You can see he entry for this year and all the others here: KOS2016!!

9/29/2015 - CBR DOES IT AGAIN!!!

KOS 2014

Antoher fun AWA has come and gone. Three members of CBR represented this year and brought home awards!! With Mr. Pilkington taking home the Pop will eat itself award for: Con Trolling 101. Chaosprojects taking home Most Tasteful with the saliva filled: The Most Amazing Spit Swapping Makeout Match. With her first win at AWA and even in the AWA Professional Contest. Pilkie Pai brining home the big award for Best Character Profile for her video: No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm A Creep!. Big congrats all around for everyone!

1/10/2015 - King of Spayn 2015

KOS 2014

With the first of the year King of Spyan is here again! Once again we had alot of great entries to chose from. Yet another suprsie this year as we have crown a new King of Spayn. ReggieSmalls has taken the crown this year for his video. Check out this years enties here.

1/10/2014 - King of Spayn 2014

KOS 2014

It is King of Spayn time again. This year we had quite a few entries so want to thank all those that joined us for fun this year. We have a surprising twist as this year we have a Queen of Spayn: PilkiePai!! So our queen will take over for this year. If you want to see the other videos for the year check them out here.

AWA Masters Winner - Chaosprojects - Are you Down?

Videos We Like !!: Pilkie Pie - Rise Again

7/8/2013 - Summer

CBR Summer

The heat of summer beats down! Beaches, ice cream, and fun are on the menu. Hope you're having a fun summer!!

Videos We Like !!: JCD - Weapons of Choice

5/1/2013 - It's Spring!!!

Kagami Spring Image

It is finally spring time!! After a long winter season spring is finally here. This brings warmer weather, beautiful spring flowers and most enjoyable time outdoors. Get ready to soak up the fun this spring!! Even Kagami is enjoying being outside!!

1/7/2013 - King of Spayn 2013

KOS2013 Main Image

Well King of Spayn has come again this year. The week long CBR editing fest ended on Jan 7 at midnight and a new King has been crowned. So welcome for 2013 Chaosprojects as this years King of Spayn. A big thanks to everyone that joined in the insanity this year as well as those who were brave enough to judge the videos to pick this years winner. We will work to get the rest of the KOS videos uploaded and you will be able to view them here.

11/4/2012 - Winter is coming!!


It is that time of year. Changes everwhere. Tress changing. Weather starts to cool off. Winter is almost here again. Though we don't really get snow here it still can get pretty chilly. We have alot of fun things to look forward to. Thanksgiving with friends and family. Christmas with lots of lights and sounds. Fireplaces to just zone out looking at. It is a great time of year!!

06/25/2012 - Adventures in AWA Pro Editing!!!


05/21/2012 - MERRY MACHOMAS!!!

Friends of CBR Video: Kireblue - FanService is Cheaper by the Pound

3/19/2012: Crisis Averted!!!

Addy FTW!!!

The all clear has sounded my friends and we live!! The Extinction Battle at MomoCon Iron Chef has been completed and we have a victory. Come back from retirement and taking another win for the Glory of CBR. Addy "AMV 4000" did battle with Kireblue for the extinction of mankind. When the dust settled Addy was declared the winner for the Extinction Battle. It was a good fight as the crowd declared their favorite. Looks like we are safe for just a bit longer. View the video Here!!

2/19/2012: The beginning of the end

End Of It All

End end us upon us!!

With a litle less than a month until Momocon. It is time to reveal this years Momocon Iron Chef theme. After going over a few topics the final theme was brought down to one word. "Extinction" As the world looms closer to doom now our two editors will have to bring about the end of days in AMV form. Hold on to your Butts!!!

Friends of CBR Video: Kitsuner - Blame it on 2009: A Very, Very, Good Year

1/14/2012: King Of Spayn 2012 - A Party of One!!!

At the sound of the New Year’s bell the King of Spayn 2012 contest began. As a yearly tradition to start off the New Year in editing members of CBR take place in a very unique kind of editing contest. King of Spayn started back in 2004 has always been about creating crazy videos. The rules of the contest are that your video must be to a foreign song and also must consist of videos ripped off from other video editors. This year’s contest received one entry out of all the available participants. Watch if you dare!!

CBR Video Vault: Project AWSM 2

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